Esther Grant 

Diploma in Health Science (Podiatry) from Sydney Institute of Technology (1996)
Managing Director & Principal Podiatrist

Time with Feet First Podiatry:  21 years

A member of Sports Medicine Australia, Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine and Australian Podiatry Association.

Esther is well known for her high standards, energy and her gentle and engaging client care. 

Esther is committed to the holistic approach.  Combined with her passion for continually developing her podiatry skills and knowledge, she is known for being able to offer clients a wide range of treatment options.  Esther also believes in the power of the 'shared care' model, and continues to maintain her well developed referral network with other medical professionals.

Treatment skills

Biomechancial assessments (Esther carries out more than 300 individual biomechancial assessments a year)

Simply put, this is an examination of the way your body moves, with particular focus on how the rest of your body is being affected by the structure, alignment and movement of your feet, legs and hips.   If there is dysfunction in your feet, this can directly affect knees, hips or even lower back for example.  Neck pain and headaches have been attributed to problems stemming from alignment issues in the feet.   Esther Grant

Podiatrists at Feet First clinics all have access to the Zebris digital pressure plate and gait analyis treadmills as part of their biomechanical assessments.

In addition, if custom made orthotics are part of the prescribed treatment plan, these can be quickly manufactured and adjusted inhouse.

Esther's Other Treatment Skills

  • dry needle therapy
  • shockwave therapy
  • mobilisation and manipulation
  • strapping, padding, taping
  • postural realignment
  • laser nail treatment (as well as many forms of topical treatment)
  • nail growth training and nail surgery
  • advice and treatment to help those with foot deformities such as bunions and hammertoe
  • advice and treatment for skin conditions (ie warts, corns, calluses etc)
  • footwear assessment and recommendations



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