What does a podiatrist do?

We deal with foot and leg related problems. We meet with you to determine the nature of your problem and design a remedy and maintenance program for you. This may include a once only visit, treatment program, personalised fitting for orthotics or special shoe wear, a specially designed exercise program, liaison with your doctor for specialist referrals or specialised treatments.

Do I need a referral from my GP?

No. You can make an appointment the same way you do with your GP as podiatrists aren't classified as “specialists” under the medical referral system. Call or email our friendly reception staff and they will make a time for you to see a podiatrist.

Can my Private Health Fund cover podiatry?

Yes. Private health funds do cover podiatry but it will depend on your level of cover as to whether you are eligible to claim for these services. You will need to contact your health fund to find out about your personal entitlements to podiatry fees. Our HICAPS facility allows us to directly claim from your private health fund at the time of your treatment. All you need to pay is the ‘GAP’.

Will Medicare cover podiatry services?

There are some circumstances where Medicare will pay a percentage of the podiatry fees—for example if you have been classified by your doctor as having a chronic medical condition [such as diabetes] and an Enhanced Primary Care Plan has been lodged with Medicare by your doctor. This plan may entitle you to 5 podiatric visits a year. This is solely your doctor’s decision. If you think this may apply to you, then you will need to firstly contact your doctor to make the necessary arrangements and then contact Feet First for your podiatry care program. Our HICAPS facility allows for an on-the-spot Medicare refund.

Does Feet First accept EFTPOS or credit cards?

Yes. We accept cash or most recognised credit, debit and EFTPOS cards [except for Diners Club and American Express]. Personal cheques are accepted only with approval prior to your appointment.

Do you have disabled or wheelchair access?

Yes. Our Leichhardt clinic also allows for disabled and wheelchair access from the car park.  You will need to call us to arrange disabled parking.

When and at what age should I take my children to a podiatrist?

See Children's Feet article.

I have diabetes - how can a podiatrist help me?

See Diabetes and Podiatry article.

How do I arrange for Feet First to help my parent(s) who are in a nursing home?

See Aged Care page.

What does biomechanics mean - when would I need it?

See Biomechanics article.

Why do I feel pain when I walk or exercise?

See Exercise article.