Community Care



On a daily basis we have podiatrists travelling to the home of those patients who cannot travel to our clinics.

Our Podiatrists are friendly, patient, and experienced in how to ensure the care that you or the one you are caring for receives in their home, is as professional and thorough as it would be in clinic.   Feet First provides all their podiatrists with in home care kits to maximise the quality of care they can provide.

Of course there are some type of podiatry treatment, that can only be provided in the clinic environment, so if your Podiatrist believes you or the person you are caring for requires in clinic treatment, this will be discussed with you and then followed up with you by our Administrative Home Care Co ordinator.

In home care visits are billed at the time of service, and there is a call out charge that does apply.

Please phone 02 9568 4573 and ask to speak with the Home Care Co ordinator if you would like to arrange at home treatment.