Childhood Foot and Leg Complaints

Treatment of conditions such as “pigeon toe”, ingrown toenails, plantar warts, growing pains, advice on shoe wear, and a variety of childhood ailments.

Children do experience "Growing Pains" and when this affects their lower legs, ankles and feet, they can be helped with massage and stretching. It is important to make sure that ALL other options have been eliminated BEFORE any other forms of treatment are commenced - because although growing pains are common, they ARE NOT the cause in all situations and other treatments prior to a formal diagnosis, may compound the effects. Our podiatrists can can advise you on the best activities to relieve the symptoms of growing pains.

Some children develop an unusual gait or walking and running style which makes it difficult to enjoy exercise and join in activities with other children. They may walk pigeon toed or with knock-knees, a stoop or their chin projecting. These afflictions can often be corrected with mobilisation treatment, tailor made orthotics for their shoes or other non-invasive solutions.

Teaching children how to look after their feet – keeping them healthy and clean will help them to maintain an active lifestyle.