Aged Care & Community


We are very committed to providing constructive and gentle care via our Aged Care service for patients living in RACF's or restricted to their own home.

Our podiatrists visit aged residents in more than 65 locations.  Last year, we helped over 5,000 residents with their feet.  


  • Our administration staff maintain all schedules and appointments and liaise with the RACF staff so they can help to make sure patients are expecting our visit and they are available for their appointment.  There is no need to worry about making telephone calls and managing diaries.
  • Our podiatrists are fully equipped to provide full treatments on site.  
  • Full case notes are maintained and any issues are raised with the RACF staff or in serious cases, the patient's medical doctor is informed.
  • Payment occurs at the time of treatment and the necessary Government forms are completed at the same time.
  • RACF's provide clean and secure facilities to ensure our appointments and treatments are carried out privately, safely and comfortably.

To find out more information about this service and the RACF's we visit, please call us and chat to our friendly and professional Reception staff. 

Phone 02 9568 4573

* RACF - Residential Aged Care Facility

"Providing quality foot care services for our Aged Community is a core function for Feet First. Our aged patients have special needs when it comes to their feet and mobility. We work closely with the staff at RACF's and the patient's doctor as required.

All Feet First podiatrists are involved in working with our aged patients whether they are residents of Aged Care Facilities, clinic patients or receiving a pre-arranged Feet First home visit program.




Feet First Home Visits and extra care services are for patients who have been diagnosed by one of our podiatrists as qualifying for this service.  

Once an assessment has been made, a home visit appointment calendar is set up, and a podiatrist will visit your home on agreed days to provide your treatment.  This ensures you know what day and time the podiatrist will be there - so you are expecting them.  If you are concerned about security, you can call our clinic (on the telephone number below) to check your Home Visit appointment details.

You will be billed for this service at the time of treatment and any forms will also be completed at the same time.  

Please contact our reception to discuss further details about our Home Visit service.

Phone 02 9568 4573